Sharpening leaders strategy execution

The purpose of the Leadership Insights service is to help companies inspire their leaders to improve how they deal with their most critical issues in executing the strategy.

Improving everyday leadership

The service is provided in the client’s corporate design and with an internal named sender of the Leadership Insights email. The purpose is to make it feel like an in-company service.

The Leadership Insights email provides leaders with handpicked management articles addressing some of the key business challenges they face in executing the strategy. In the beginning of each year, a Business-Challenge-Mapping™ workshop is conducted with senior leaders within the organization to identify what key business challenges leaders will face in the coming year. Based on this input, the leaders are provided with handpicked content addressing the identified challenges through the monthly Leadership Insights email. Leaders also have access to the Leadership Library with more than 25,000 curated articles, audio podcasts and videos from elite business schools, prestigious consultancies and thought leaders. The Library offers a personalised view and leaders can choose to monitor the themes and topics of their interest.

Leadership insights helps companies to:

Leaders attention on the most critical issues


The organization’s leadership & business practices

A good learning habit for their leaders

Knowledge sharing within the organization

Powerful Impact

Leadership Insights directs leaders’ attention and focus to the key business challenges they face. It will build their knowledge and improve how they deal with the most critical issues, which will sharpen their strategy execution. In addition, it will fuel discussions and foster knowledge sharing among leaders.
Leadership insights help leaders to:

Outside perspectives


Inspiration to solve problems


Into proven practices 


Reinventing the wheel