Curation for learning experience platforms

S4K Research has curated content for more than 20 years. S4K currently monitors 70+ of the world’s best sources of content in the public domain, including elite business schools, prestigious consultancies and thought leaders.

Experts in content curation

Each day, S4Ks content curators go through 200-250 content pieces published by the sources, amounting to approximately 50,000 content pieces per year. Even though S4K are using the best sources of content, more than 90% gets rejected based on quality, style, length or relevance.

The best and most relevant pieces are earmarked in the daily curation process and discussed in a weekly editorial meeting where the curators, the Senior Editor, the Chief Content Curator, and the CEO participates.

For the best 1 % of all the content pieces, S4K writes 1 Minute Summaries with the ambition to give the reader an opportunity to tap into the core idea quickly and then move on to read the full article, watch the video or listen to the podcast depending on type of content.

1 Minute Summaries
Content Pieces Reviewed Per Year
World Class Sources
1 +
Custom Curations
1 +

Content curation for LXP's and LMS's

S4K has extensive experience in helping companies populate their Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) with strategically and carefully aligned curated content.

With S4K’s help, clients using these platforms ensure that they have the latest and the best relevant content for their employees.

S4K can also build and maintain Learning Pathways on the platforms as well as working with supporting subject matter experts or learning professionals in their work with curation.